Business card

Clal - Private surgery forms (He)

Personal stationary

Harel - Private Surgery Forms (He)

Ассута - Бланки для частных операций (иврит)

Менора – Бланки для частных операций (иврит)

Феникс - Бланки для частных операций (иврит)

License to practice medicine (He)

Мигдаль - Бланки для частных операций (иврит)

Anesthesia and Blood transfusion

The Patient's Bill of Rights

Assuta Hospital

Calculating Seniority in Medicine (He)

Expert Certificate (He)

Doctor of Medicine

US board Certification

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Surgical Critical Care

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Contact info |  ​​​פרטי התקשרות

053-9338701 (cell - Israel)
(303)653-5700 (Cell - USA)

Israel Offices:

Private clinic, HaBarzel St 11, Suite 5A, Ramat ha-chayal, Tel Aviv (03-7326770)

Kupot Cholim Maccabi, (Mishkanot Harofim) 1 Natan HaNavi St , Bnei Brak (03-578-2928)
Malcha Mall Medical Center, Jerusalem (02-5846400/1)

US Office: PO Box 605, Monsey, NY 10952

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