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Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening (PFST)

The Jeffry Kashuk Clinic brings plasma skin tightening to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, also known as Fibroblast Skin Tightening or Soft Surgery. PlasmaLift
Comparable only to surgery for lifting upper eyelids, sagging under the eyes, crow's feet, forehead lines, 11s, marionette lines, jowls and jawline tightening, firming and smoothing of the neck. The procedure produces a tummy tuck like a makeover in the stomach including erasing stretch marks and dramatic firming of loose abdominal skin. The plasma pen is just as adept at removing tattoos, scars and moles as it is at erasing lines and wrinkles.
​ The plasma pen is a handheld device that creates a tiny arc of plasma from the tip of the device's tip to the skin. This arc, when it touches the skin, causes sublimation which removes the skin at the exact place of contact and leaves the surrounding skin untouched. The sublimation leaves behind a tiny carbon dot which will shed the skin naturally in about 5 to 7 days. The skin around the carbon dots, due to the massive boost in collagen, tightens and firms and the new skin formed under the dots is soft and firm as well.
The effects of the plasma lift are irreversible. It's not like Botox where it wears off and you have to repeat the same procedure every few months. The results of fibroblast tightening therapy are as permanent as surgery. You will continue to age but the effects or results of the 'soft surgery' become your new starting point for your aging process.
​ Plasma skin tightening is low-risk, non-invasive, non-ablative with minimal downtime (5-7 days with the carbon points) and is much more cost-effective than surgery.
​ Most procedures, such as lifting eyelids and removing facial lines, firming the jaw line and the neck and abdomen including stretch marks and tightening can get the desired result in 1-2 treatments, but some, such as tattoo removal in particular, can take up to 5 treatments.
This revolutionary non-surgical lifting treatment is highly effective and an exceptional alternative to surgery.
If you look tired, become aware of your sagging areas or lines, notice your droopy eyelids, or simply want a fresher look, then this procedure is for you. It is a holistic approach that works by stimulating the contraction of skin fibers instantly using a plasma flash, from our handheld device. This causes a superficial evaporation of the skin at a tiny point, which shrinks the skin surrounding it.


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