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Treatment of Anal Fissure
without surgery


A fissure (crack in the anus in Hebrew) is a tear in the skin on the lower wall of the perineum (anus), which causes pain during bowel movements.
Fissure occurs due to several factors: after childbirth, chronic constipation with a lack of fiber in the diet, chronic intestinal diseases such as Crohn's disease and local trauma to the lower anus.
All of these lead to the small wound in the anus that is right on top of the two muscles that control the function of the anal sphincter mechanism. In an effort to repair the wound, the body tends to shrink the tissues, which in the rectal area will lead to narrowing and closing of the anal opening. Therefore, the end result will be worsening of constipation as attempts to evacuate will cause severe pain and bleeding due to pressure on the wound. The end result is a vicious cycle of injury and partial healing without relief.
Most of the patients who come to us have tried treatment with an ointment without success and they continue to suffer from severe pain all the time and especially during and after bowel movements.
One solution is surgery - but the problem with surgery is that a small percentage of patients can lose several anal functions and leak feces after surgery.
Our goal is to prevent surgery - by injecting Botox.
Botox is a compound approved by the Ministry of Health for many uses. By working on the small nerve endings leading to the muscles, it relaxes the muscles in the rectal area. This is beneficial because it leads to a slight expansion of the anus which relieves pain in the area and allows for pain-free bowel function.
Treatment steps:
First step: an interview that includes a thorough explanation, a precise examination and placing a strong anesthetic gel in the area - in order to partially anesthetize the anal area.
Step two: Botox injection is usually painless using a tiny needle after the area is numb
The actual procedure lasts 3 minutes, at the end of which you will receive precise instructions regarding self-treatment at home from the professor.
On average, significant pain reduction occurs within a week of treatment, on average - this is because the Botox works on the tiny nerves resulting in mild anal dilatation.
So far, hundreds of patients have been treated, without side effects or complications from the process.

85-90% success rate after one visit. A small number may require a second visit
Patient satisfaction is very high
* Some patients still need surgical treatment. We note that in this case, we do not need to cut the muscle with the accompanying risks, since Botox results in expansion, and most patients only require further expansion under anesthesia. This results in a complete recovery for the rare patient who does not respond to botox injected in the clinic.
Most private insurances give full refunds for the process.
There is no participation by the health insurance funds
For consultation: 052-6533660


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